Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Almont Village Ordinance #203, a property owner shall keep the property clear of snow, ice, rubbish, excessive dirt or other encumbrances. The owner or occupant of every parcel of property within the Village on which a sidewalk abuts is responsible for keeping the abutting portion of the sidewalk free and clear of snow, ice or other obstructions which will impair or impede public travel. For purposes of this section, any accumulation of three (3) or more inches of snow on a sidewalk shall be presumed to impair or impede public travel. Such accumulation shall be removed within forty-eight (48) hours of the cessation of snowfall; however, if snowfall ends between 6:00 p.m. and sunrise, the snow shall be removed within eighteen (18) hours of cessation.
Failure to do so constitutes a violation of this article and the Village may cause the sidewalk to be cleared where violations are found to exist; and the Village’s expenses of clearing the encumbrances shall become a debt to the Village, a lien against the property and collected as delinquent property taxes.
A copy of the complete ordinance may be inspected at the Almont Village Offices located at 817 N. Main Street, Almont, MI, 48003 during regular business hours or on the Village’s website (
Kimberly J. Keesler
Village of Almont Clerk/Treasurer