Giving thanks is always important, but sometimes overlooked. This, of course, is the time to be thankful for all we have. Our family, our freedoms, our vote, our freedom of speech, for drinkable water, electricity, fresh air and plenty of food. These are things to be appreciated, but they are so basic in our everyday lives we take them for granted.

Really when you think of it, let’s add technology which makes our lives easier, better, safer, healthier and more entertaining. There certainly is plenty to be grateful for and we should be happy to have the privilege to live in this country.

Sure we worry about gas prices, inflation, and even the cost of food. We worry about the borders, the labor shortages, the stock market, the war between Ukraine and Russia. Republicans and Democrats fight like dogs and cats leaving this nation divided, yet we should be thankful to be able to criticize them and demand better from our leaders.

And we are constantly reminded of global warming, hurricanes devastating coastal communities, record snowfall and earthquakes. All this on the heels of the world recovering from a pandemic.

We are sometimes left wondering what else could possibly go wrong?

In a string of difficult-to-enjoy Thanksgiving weekends, hopefully we can find at least a few things to feel thankful for locally. Except for the past week, we can be thankful for a wonderful fall, making it possible to enjoy novel-for-November experiences like golf, mowing lawn, raking leaves and just soaking up the sunshine on the deck without a jacket. We can be thankful for our good thoughtful community leaders, schools, churches, fire departments, police and civic organizations who are always there to help.

Most importantly though, we can be thankful to the communities we call home and this great country. After all, there are only long lines to get into this country and no lines at all to leave. Although most cringe at our politics of today and our politicians we should be thankful we can vote for who we want in office. We should be thankful we have a voice in our future and our family’s future.

Happy Thanksgiving all!