November 14, 2022
Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Supervisor Winn. Pledge of Allegiance recited. Members present: Parks, Klos, Winn, Christian & Wittstock. October minutes approved. Treasurer’s report approved. Planning Commission: 1 split approved and mention of wetland mitigation project on Howell Road that is in early stage of discussions. Fire report: Hartway presented a Fire Chief contract to Supervisor Winn for board approval (tabled), retiree from Warren department will be contacted, Hartway was reminded that 2 sets of initials need to be on invoices before presenting them to the clerk for payment and was questioned about a $3528 bill for struts that did not receive board approval. Senior report: regular activities attended (every Tuesday) and Christmas party potluck will be 12/6. Park report: Halloween Party went well. Discussed: grave rights that need to be moved to another section, adopted Resolution 2022-09 (Wheeler Road Drain Maintenance) and cancellation of Zoom meeting contract. Audience: nothing further. Motion to pay the bills approved and motion to adjourn 8:45 p.m. A complete copy of the non-approved latest meeting minutes is available at the township hall during business hours AND visible on the website within a week of the board meeting.
Karen A. Klos, Clerk