Dear Editor,

The 2022 election has come and gone; the expected “Red Wave” turned out as a small swell in election history. Voters across the country ignored high gas, food, and high inflation overall to re-elect Democrats in the U. S. Senate, though apparently narrowly putting the U. S. House of Representatives to new hands. Why I ask, did voters in their right minds largely re-elect a party that has given all the previous evils? What captivated voters and galvanized voters to vote against common sense and vote to end high inflation? One word -Abortion. Voters both men and women (in Michigan 25 plus points) voted to want to kill their unborn babies. Since the Supreme Court cancelled Roe v. Wade all good sense of right or wrong evaporated and the key word became abortion rights across this nation, especially Michigan.

Proposal 3 bloomed I would rather say vaulted to an initial 70% approval rating in Michigan. While revelations of some details lowered the total too much out of state money and deceptive ads pushed it to victory. The top elected officials in Lansing, Governor, Attorney General, the one person in charge of elections Secretary of State are all Democrats, although I would call them Demon-crats by their political views. Because voters chose a Reapportion Committee to draw near voting districts that favored Democrats, they took over both the Michigan House and Senate. With all Democrats in control hang onto your wallets. Michigan has $7 billion in surplus Biden money, and a lot of pent up Democrat potential spending, social reworking, taking our rights, and of course new taxes.

With the passage of Prop 3 there will be a lot of social changes in Michigan and I am afraid not for the better. The “Trojan Horse” voted in will reap the whirlwind no one ever expected. Courts will make it a social nightmare.

May God have mercy on the Pro-Prop 3 voters. They don’t deserve it.

— David Naeyaert