Dear Editor,

Thank you Imlay City Police Officer Greg Hadfield for making my son’s (Kort Parlett) Halloween extra special! Kort (3 going on 4 the end of December) has been dead set on being a police officer when he grows up for about the past 6 months now. So it was no surprise he wanted to be dressed in blue for Halloween! We opted to help pass out candy at my in-laws house in downtown Imlay City. Kort was pretty fired up when he saw a police car drive by. Officer Hadfield noticed him and turned around to come back and park his cool police car in Grandma’s driveway. He proceeded to shake Kort’s hand, let him sit in the car, and turned the lights on for a picture with Officer Hadfield! We appreciate all that ICPD does for this community and officers like Greg Hadfield who go above and beyond!

— Julie Parlett