Dear Editor,

Four Almont School Board seats will be filled this election, in what could be the most important district election for 20 years. My name is Dave Amstutz and I am running to serve on the board. I believe this board will face important decisions that will chart the course of Almont schools for many years to come. I desire to stand with the board against radical curriculums. As a board member, help select new educators that have our kids’ education at heart not social agendas. Work to provide schools that are safe in multiple ways whether it be libraries with age appropriate books or hardened windows. I support parents and their rights to make decisions about their children’s health and education. I want the new bond issue (happens about every 20 years) when brought to voters this next year to be well thought out and fiscally responsible. I am a father of six, two still in the schools. If this resonates with your readers, I ask for their vote.

— Dave Amstutz