The debate on Proposal 3 is based on the vagueness of the wording which allows for more rights than only those pertaining to pregnancy and abortion. It establishes a “new individual right to reproductive freedom” and the list it covers includes sterilization and abortion. An “individual right” legally pertains to all people – male, female, young as well as adults. Under this proposal children would not need their parent’s permission to obtain abortions, gender-changing therapies or operations, as well as puberty-blocking drugs.

Pertaining to abortions, this proposal allows for late-term abortions up until birth if “medically needed to protect a patient’s life or physical or mental health.” Any healthcare professional (which in Michigan includes social workers and chiropractors) could deem a woman’s pregnancy a risk to her mental health and authorize her abortion up to the birth.

Proposal 3 also “prohibits prosecution of an individual, or a person helping a pregnant individual for exercising rights established by this amendment.” By using the vague term “person” it includes even those who are not doctors, allowing them to perform an abortion and would bar the state from prosecuting if that someone injured or even killed the woman in the abortion.

Lastly, Proposal 3 “invalidate(s) state laws conflicting with this amendment.” This includes laws requiring parental consent, those banning tax-paid abortions, those banning late-term and partial birth abortions, and those requiring only doctors to perform abortions. Even safety and cleanliness inspections for abortion clinics would no longer be required.

Since Proposal 3 permanently changes our state constitution it should be set before us in clear language so that all would know what they are voting for or against – not just lawyers. If passed, this proposal makes Michigan the most lenient state of the Union when it comes to reproductive rights – further to the left than even Vermont or California. Both those pro-choice as well as pro-life should be alarmed at the extreme and permanent implications of this proposal. All quotes in this letter are taken from the language you will see on the ballot.

Please vote NO on Proposal 3.

— Crystal Long
Imlay City