I have never felt the necessity of writing to a newspaper to express my opinions before now. After reading the praises of what Proposition 3 will do for us I MUST respond. Proposition 3 is NOT a simple proposal of for or against abortion. The people who created this proposal did so with deception in mind, not the rights of women. Proposal 3 will take away parental rights over their minor children. Proposal 3 will take away the rights of doctors and hospitals to decide if they want to perform abortions. Many good doctors will be forced to leave Michigan. Proposal 3 will take away the safety of women choosing abortion by allowing ANYONE to perform an abortion ANYWHERE without being a qualified medical person or being in a safe licensed or inspected facility. And when your child DIES having an unsafe abortion by an unqualified practitioner there is no recourse. This proposal has built in language to assure that it cannot be reversed or change at any time. Proposal 3 is bad for all women, pro-choice as well as pro life, and BAD for Michigan.

— Debbie Day
Imlay Twp.