Thoughts on the upcoming election. Why would any person support Democrats?

• In just 2 years our nation has gone from energy independence and gas prices around $2.00/gallon (now at $4.35/gallon) to begging nations like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to pump more oil while we are exhausting our Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

• Our borders are a debacle and yet Democrats maintain the borders are secure.

• Our cities are regularly experiencing an increasing murder rate and lawlessness without any move by Democratic mayors or prosecutors to do anything about it.

• Fentanyl is pouring across the southern border and killing upwards of 100,000 citizens per year and Democrats ignore it.

• Schools are indoctrinating students who will graduate with a working knowledge of LGBTQ information and Critical Race Theory but have difficulty reading or adding 2 + 2.

• Inflation is over 8%. It was at 1.3% just two years ago.

• Adversarial nations (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran) are giving the U.S. the foreign policy middle finger as they view our leadership as less than weak.

• The military is more concerned about being “woke” then being proficient.

Thoughts on the ballot proposals.

• Support No. 1. When term limits was first proposed I thought it was a good idea. Time has proven me wrong. We have legislators with no institutional memory which results in lobbyists having the greatest influence on what occurs in Michigan. Allowing a person to serve up to 12 years in one branch of the legislature allows for experience to be gained and if the voters are not happy with that person they don’t need term limits to remove him/her. Just the vote.

• Deny No. 2. This proposal will expand and enlarge the opportunity for mischief in elections. The method and law regarding our elections is fine as it is.

• Deny No. 3. This proposal, if enacted, will put Michigan right along side China and North Korea as having the most expansive abortion policy on earth. Decisions about abortion will be made by the individual and an “attending health care professional” without defining what is meant by an “attending health care professional.” It could be a dentist, a podiatrist or an LPN. Also abortions could be permitted at any time for the “mental health” of the individual whatever the term “mental health” means. That is a wide open door allowing abortions at any time for any reason including partial birth abortions. It would also allow a child to have an abortion without the consent of their parent/parents.

— John L. Lengemann
Imlay City