“Taxation without representation” basically spawned the founding of this nation.

Today, however, the taxpayers of Imlay City are being asked to vote for exactly that same thing.

I am speaking about the proposed City charter amendment on the November ballot.

The very first thing that voters, especially property taxpayers, need to know is that this entire expensive proposal was funded entirely by an out-of-city/county organization that has completely hidden their identities as well as true motives. The requirements of this proposal will most assuredly raise your taxes due to the required “Department of medical marijuana,” a whole new office to be funded by the taxpayers immediately upon passage.

Secondly, in contrast to promotional flyers, there is NO city ordinance or prohibition of medical marijuana businesses. So why the costly effort to pass an amendment?

Thirdly, this is not merely a proposal for a city ordinance that can be flexible and changed as necessary, this an amendment to the city CHARTER which is extremely difficult to change and which enshrines one class of business over ALL others. This amendment, written by and for the marijuana industry allows the “inmates to run the asylum” as the old saying goes.

The amendment as proposed uses the term “shall” no less than 51 times to instruct your city officials in their handling of marijuana licenses.

One example is “a $5000 annual (license) renewal fee which may occur in perpetuity (forever) and a license renewal may not be denied for failure to promptly pay an annual renewal fee.” Do you know of any other business that can not bother to pay fees and be protected and license be automatically renewed?

No matter of your position on marijuana, you need to ask yourself if voting for this issue will make Imlay City a better place to live and raise families?

— Earl Gass
Imlay City