Vote No on Proposal 3! Those who naively think they are just letting parents have their unborn baby deliberately killed if they don’t want it, “My body My choice,” even if they personally wouldn’t abort their own baby, are unknowingly trying to make Michigan the “The Pre-born baby Murder Capitol of the World.” Do your homework! <> and <> plus others. Town halls meetings are available on the proposals.

By putting this in the State Constitution, any changes or corrections would be very difficult, costly and years long. The diabolically carefully worded Proposal 3 summary (actual is 300+ words) states that any individual can voluntarily consent to abortion, (sex change, etc.) (no parental consent needed for minors) for ANY reason until birth. All prior laws concerning safety, cleanliness and done by a professional physician, etc. are wiped off the books. If the mother dies as well as the baby, because now anyone “back alley” type with no consequences can perform abortions, tough, no lawsuit is allowed. As I mentioned, diabolical, as no caring, freedom loving person in the world would be that extreme.

Many in the state and country are praying for the defeat of Proposal 3. God Bless America!

— Bernice Nabors
Berlin, MI