Dear Editor,

With mail in voting present many of us are “informed” to death. Many readers are probably already sick of the onslaught of political commercials ruining our favorite news or entertainment programs. And it will get worse. With the election closer and closer hang on to your remotes!

With all kidding aside, recent pro Proposal 3 letters irk me. Deception on the truth of Prop 3 now flourishes. And contrary to one letter religions do agree that life begins at conception. Two recent letters show that these two abortion supporters are pro Prop 3. TV commercials must be like a team of horses. Horses need blinders that they see only straight ahead seeing nothing else. Only horses are smarter. Even “dumb” animals don’t kill there own babies. Anyone who reads Prop 3 will realize “the devil is in the details.” If you as a parent want to sign your parental rights away go ahead vote Yes. If you want to pay for abortion in your taxes, go ahead vote yes. So much deception in Prop 3. If anyone votes for Prop 3 shame on them. Know what you vote for. No one should disagree it is a “Trojan Horse.” Vote on Prop 3!

I am fascinated how “sacred,” almost attaching a religious aspect to abortion support. Do abortion supporters have an “altar” on which they place ABORTION and worship the evil of it daily. I wonder. Gov. Whitmer says “I will fight like hell” for abortion. I guess it must be her “god”. Don’t make abortion “your god.” If it is, your meeting with God may not go well. But don’t say to me “preach to me in church.” Just like the TV show “this is your life.”

— David Naeyaert
Allenton, MI