With the election just a few weeks away I am wondering why so many Democrats are continuing to support the policies of their party? The Democrats I know are reasonable people who are focused on living their life, raising their families and trying to enjoy life. Yet at both the state and national level we see policies enacted as well as proposed that, in the name of climate change, are going to make life very hard for so many people. Just look at the increase of the cost of gasoline, the cost of electricity for your home, and the cost to heat your home. How much has it increased in the past two years? And there is no doubt it is going to be much higher. Consumers Power is closing its remaining coal fired generating plants in Michigan. What will fill that void? It certainly won’t be wind or solar.

Democratic policy urges implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion policies at every level of government as well as in the private sector. What does that mean? The practical result is discrimination based on race. Vice President Harris just disclosed her method of distributing disaster funds for those areas in Florida so severely damaged. It is give more money to those communities made up principally of people of color. That attitude permeates the federal government at all levels.

The policies the Democratic Party supports will hurt the average citizen; not just the Republican average citizen but all citizens. Knowing these things why continue to elect people who implement them? Try something else. What is there to lose? Is your life better now then it was two years ago?

— John Lengemann
Imlay City