I could easily reflect on a wide range of topics when thinking about my 19 year career in journalism with the Tri-City Times. There’s the unique, fascinating people I’ve met and written about, the important but often complicated issues local communities have grappled with and the vast amount of change I’ve witnessed in everything from technology to community journalism as a whole. But as I move on to another adventure, I know I’ll reflect most often on the people who were my coworkers and friends.

Besides being just all around good human beings, my fellow staff members here at the Tri-City Times, Page One Printing and Woods-N-Water News do a lot of amazing work that’s a big benefit to the local community and beyond. They are committed to putting out quality products, helping businesses accomplish their goals and keeping our friends and neighbors informed on topics that are important to them.

They are supportive of one another and since the day I walked into these offices as a new college graduate way back in 2003, I’ve felt a camaraderie that’s made the most stressful of days feel tolerable. Not everyone can say that about their workplace so I know I am fortunate to have had that experience.

We’ve shared a lot of laughs and groan-worthy puns, debated the semantics of headlines, relied on each other as human thesauruses and wished many a time we could publish just one satirical issue.

Being a journalist has been a fulfilling career and I’m looking forward to transitioning into a new role that also promises to be gratifying. As the Four County Community Foundation’s new marketing and communications officer, I’ll have the opportunity to continue working in the community I call home while sharing the stories of the people and organizations that are actively working to meet our friends and neighbors needs and launch new initiatives for the betterment of this region’s future. I can truly say this isn’t really “goodbye,” but “see you later.”

To everyone I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with—our readers, advertisers, news sources, tipsters and all around general cheerleaders—thank you for all you’ve done to support the Tri-City Times and community journalism.

Contact Maria at tct@pageone-inc.com.