More than 753,750 Michigan voters signed the petition to put Reproductive Rights on the ballot for the November 2022 election. That’s the most signatures collected in the state’s history. The two GOP members of the four Board of Canvassers whose job it was to certify that the required number of valid signatures (429,059 in 2022) had been received, refused to certify, objecting to the spacing of the words in the proposal. The State Supreme Court cleared the proposal to be on the ballot for November.

Undoubtedly those two GOP members fear that more people will support an individual’s right to make an intensely personal decision about their life and family than those who would take away that right.

I’m not one to argue with someone’s strongly held beliefs about such matters. I want women, girls, their families and support people to have all the resources they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. I don’t presume to know what that is for another person and their circumstances.

I will be supporting Proposition 3 in November to give women autonomy over their bodies and in their lives.

—Miriam Marcus,