A couple of weeks ago a letter from a reader extolled the policies and promises that our MAGA Republicans support and they say will “Make America Great Again.” These are the things every American wants, but we aren’t getting them from either party. I envy the writer as they seem to have a positive attitude and view of our MAGA Republicans. I, on the other hand, am more cynical having a more pessimistic view of politicians in general and their agendas. Although the MAGAs are few in number, they wield an inordinate amount of political power throughout our country. Is that a threat to our democracy?

Never in our history have we experienced a decay of truth as experienced during the last administration. That administration was four long years of lies, drama and litigation. It seems, the philosophy of lying for some MAGA’s is, to tell a lie often and tell it long enough, then it will be believed. At times I think they believe their own lies. Are they a threat to our democracy?

MAGAs still spouting the ‘Big Lie,’ have in swing states, attacked election board officials. Through threats and harassment, they have forced board officials to resign, replacing them with candidates who vow to do whatever is necessary to keep Democrats from winning. Are they a threat to our democracy?

After the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago, Republican House candidate Luis Miguel called for violence against federal agents. In a tweet Miguel said that “Under my plan, all Floridians will be able shoot FBI, IRS, ATF, and all other federal troops on sight.” Would the MAGAs swing the election vote count in Miguel’s favor just to win another House seat? Are people like Miguel a threat to our democracy?

The MAGA’s first major test of the new restrictive voting laws, passed in Texas last year, gave us a forewarning of elections to come. March’s primaries resulted in 13 percent of mail-in ballots were rejected. Nationwide, typical rejection rates are one or two percent. Is that a threat to our democracy?

One man, one big ego and one big lie. Will our great-grandkids enjoy growing up as we did, prospering and raising their families in America? Will it still be the greatest nation in history, guided by a constitution that is the foundation of greatest democracy in history?

—Tom Janicki,