On Friday, August 26, the transitional process had begun to re-integrate Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) water into our Imlay City water lines by repressurizing a new feed line from an alternate source for GLWA water. This was accomplished only after testing and engineering that allowed this alternative line to feed the city’s water system.

GLWA has been successful in re-routing GLWA water back into Imlay City by boosting water from a nearby alternative line. Even though the 120-inch main has not been completed, GLWA states that this alternative source is sustainable and that GLWA water from this source will be available until the final repair is completed on the original line.

With this being said, the process of flushing the city lines has begun at the municipal level here in Imlay City. Our DPW is vigorously assisting in this process by systematically draining the current well-water in the city lines from strategic locations in the city. This process may take several days until you see and taste the water you are accustomed to for all customers.

This is a positive step in the right direction. You may need to check your aerator caps on your faucet and clean them periodically and let your water run to flush your household pipes.

—Brett D. Selby
Chief of Police
Imlay City Police Department