Proposal on November ballot with road millage, other funding requests


LAPEER COUNTY — There are just about two months to go before November’s general election arrives.

In Lapeer County, four ballot proposals will go before voters in the Tri-City area, ranging from road, fire equipment and school funding to a proposal that calls for allowing medical marijuana sales in the city of Imlay City.

Here’s what will be decided on November 8, according to the Lapeer County Clerk’s Office:


Medical marijuana sales in Imlay City

Ballot language, submitted by the Lapeer County Cares Coalition, seeks to amend Imlay City’s charter and allow for the sale of medical marijuana and “create a City Department of Medical Marihuana responsible for overseeing the local regulatory structure for such facilities.”

The proposal lists some of the conditions for which marijuana is an approved medical use by the state—epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, colitis, arthritis, chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder.

The ballot language utilizes the spelling “marihuana” in accordance with governing state law use.


Lapeer County road millage

Across Lapeer County, voters have the chance to weigh in on a 1.85 mill road funding proposal for a period of four years. Funding, which could total about $6.4 million in the first year it’s collected, would be directed toward the Lapeer County Road Commission and villages and cities within the county for “repair, maintenance and improvement of existing roads and bridges in the townships, and in the foregoing cities and villages.”

For property owners in the county that would amount to $1.85 for every $1,000 of taxable value between 2022 and 2025.

Lapeer County last sought a road millage in 2014.


Attica Township Fire Equipment Millage

The township is asking residents to approve a one mill levy for the purposes of “purchasing, replacing, or maintaining equipment for fire protection services” for the next five years, 2022 to 2026. The equipment millage would be in addition to the current fire protection services millage which also stands at one mill or $1 dollar per $1,000 of taxable value.

It’s estimated to generate nearly $180,500 in the first year it’s collected.


Imlay City Community Schools operating millage

Residents within the Imlay City school district are being asked to renew an existing 17.4634 mills along with a .5 mill increase, both for a period of four years from 2024-2027. If approved that would set the schools’ operating millage rate at 17.9634.

If approved, the current operating millage set to expire in 2023 would be renewed along with the partial restoration of a reduction required by the “Headlee” amendment to the Michigan Constitution of 1963. The first time it could be levied in 2024, the millage is estimated to generate $2.1 million.

Principal residences and other kinds of property are exempt from this type of school levy.


November candidates

Voters will also be choosing school board, city commission and village council candidates in the general election. The list of Lapeer County candidates was published in the August 17 edition of the Tri-City Times.

Candidate and ballot proposal listings from St. Clair County should be made available in early September.