Regarding Michigan’s 1931 abortion law, Gov. Whitmer seems to be able to say to Michigan courts “jump” and they say “how high?” She persuaded Court of Claims Judge Gleicher to do her bidding and block the 1931 law. Then the Michigan Court of Appeals decreed local prosecutors could enforce that law. Whitmer went judge shopping and found Oakland County Circuit Judge Cunningham to block prosecutors from enforcing that law. The reason was said to be “chaos” in the legal system. What is “chaos” if these valiant prosecutors will enforce a Michigan law? How does a lower judge block the court of appeals? Shall we now “follow the bouncing court judgement?” What right does Whitmer have to tell the Michigan Supreme Court to rule on anything? Is that just a stalling game to keep abortion legal, hoping that with Whitmer’s and Planned Parenthood’s money they can push the constitutional amendment to allow unlimited abortion on demand? Why is abortion so “sacred” to Whitmer and abortion supporters? Do people know the heinous “procedure” and result of a late term abortion? People rebel if forced to view an abortion. So why do so many people so love it?

Does anyone realize how broad and how much power exists in a constitutional amendment? The legislature or any court cannot change it. This abortion constitutional amendment is so broadly worded that in allowing abortion on demand anyone with a medical related degree can perform an abortion. Should the “procedure” have bad results, no one can sue for malpractice under the law. This is just a “tip of the iceberg” of the danger on this monstrosity that voters will have to vote yes or no in November. I will try to enumerate at another time.

As I have said, much money will be spent to persuade you to vote “yes.” An informed voter will see through the pro abortion smokescreen.

As always, pray for the defeat of this proposal.

—David Naeyaert,