Attica had the best of everything at the 2022 Attica Days Festival.

The weather was beautiful and the vendors were many, thanks to Diana Weingartz and co-workers Michelle Lewz and Heather Sweet.

Thanks to Tracy Aldrich, along with Lisa Cox, the kids tent was awesome and kudos to Lorry Traver and Kathy Swanger for holding down the fort all day.

Keith Davidson, the music man, who turned everything into great music, procured stage acts for the full day, attended all manner of music requirements, and made the Attica Festival a music memory.

The car show was very well attended and had so many different entries, it was hard to choose winners. Great job Brandon Rowley, on the car and bike show, and thanks to your family members who helped out. Talking about the car show, how about that great breakfast on site, served up by the Attica United Methodist Church’s Mens Group, with a little help from the ladies? For it being the first time on the grounds, it was a great success. Thanks for coming in and helping.

Kim Davis was in so many places and did so many things, it’s hard to thank her for just one thing, so thank you Kim for many jobs well done.

Brian Rowley, the festival chairman, what can I say? You always pitched in to help in any way you could. Thanks to you and your crew, the big tent went up for kids central without a hitch, and so much more.

In his quiet way Jeff Gingell, the roustabout of the park, moved all the picnic tables, the bleachers, dug the holes, filled the holes, pulled the posts. Anything we asked for, he came up with a way to get it done. Thanks Jeff!

The Attica Museum was a hit with more than 200 visitors enjoying their time inside. Janet O’Donnell was the perfect hostess, along with her helper Gerry Berry.

Of course during the 10 months of planning, there were many things to get done and people behind the scenes, like Jim Mason in the office and the Young Marines, who walked many miles in hot weather to ensure our safety. They there is Cindy Goerlitz who did everything—from all the bookeeping to measuring the field for spaces for so many things, to developing the website and keeping it updated, maintaining contact with everyone for meetings, and so much more. Thanks to you and your husband.

We would like to thank our supporters— Jas Steel, Muir Brothers Funeral Home-Lapeer, ChoiceOne Bank, American Tree, Owen Tree Service, Chapman Starter & Alternator, Clendenan/Hessler Chiropractic, Bomb Burgers & Breakfast, Patty Clendenan, B.J.’s Maintenance, RYO Distribution, Total Marine Tech, Great Lakes Town & Country Realty and Attica Township. A super duper thank you goes to Rolling Hills of Lapeer for the use of the golf carts. I think they saved lives.

Thank you one and all. See you next year!

—Diane Malczewski,
Attica Days Festival co-chair