This year has thus far been challenging to anyone trying to make a living, pay bills, raise children, buy goods and find workers for their businesses all through Michigan. There are challenges of generally staying well and caring for family too.

Now we have high gas and diesel prices to pull even more out of the pocket, prices going up on everything, farmers are hurting, stock in stores is still hard to find or get some products and many good people are wondering what the heck happened.

So first off we are supposed to be “One Nation Under God” yet it seems so many blast his name and use it like a fast gunslinger of the Old West with disrespect. Think about that. How would you like your name called a zillion times a day without a thought and carelessness when they are mad or just because? No wonder when we really need God, he seems not to hear in a disaster.

First, of the Second Commandments says, “Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in Vain.”

Second thing, with the letters coming in against former President Donald Trump, I would like to ask, have any of you ever gone personally to one of his many rallies here in Michigan? Have you actually heard with your own ears or seen with your own eyes this president? Have you been with the crowds of happy Americans who came, flag flying and open hearted to greet this one President of the United States? There’s no way you could have been. Obviously you never saw, in his reign, all the millions of American flags lining the blocks and country roads or listened to his speeches on the 4th of July? Trump said it like it was and was down to earth. He cared about everyone and there would be no baby without formula here if he was in the White House. No Army would have retreated and left millions of dollars of military equipment and people behind. Trump had no reason to lie big or small to anyone, nor does he now. Hundreds are saying we need him back today for the economy, a strong America and for a strong leader who cared to keep us “One Nation Under God.”

Long our land be bright with freedom’s holy light, protect us by Thy might Great God Our King!

—Theresa Orlowski, Goodland Twp.