On Friday, June 17, I attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Assisted Living portion of the “Bells.” I wish to thank the Novaks for a number of reasons.

First, I want to thank them for saving the building. Even though some of the outward appearance has been changed, in my mind’s eye, I can still see the building that I spent 13 years in and remember my time there.

Second, I want to thank them for the name, “The Bells.” It pays homage to the site’s school history which dates back to 1867.

Third, I want to thank the Novaks for the 2018 renovation of the south wing (1952 addition) and the west wing (1955 and 1965 additions) into the Senior Apartments. The speed with which all of the apartments were occupied is a strong indication of the need for such a facility within the community.

Fourth, I wish to thank them for the Banquet/Event Center which was opened in 2019. The north end of the building (1955 and 1965 additions) now houses several rooms. The rooms range from small meeting rooms to large banquet facilities. I have already attended several events in the building. It is an excellent addition to our community.

Fifth, I wish to thank them for the soon to be operational Assisted Living facility. In 2019, when my father needed such a facility, the nearest place we could get him into was on the west side of Rochester Hills. In his last days, he wasn’t near family and friends. Once the facility is operational, my mother-in-law, Betty Walton, will be staying there.

Lastly, I want to thank the Novaks for the structural elements of the building that they saved: the second floor windows on the north end of the building; the fireplace in the library (when I was in school and the kindergarten classroom when the building was built); the skylight on the second floor; the main entryway; and the four drinking fountain alcoves. The 1927 building was state-of-the-art when the building opened. It had an auditorium/gymnasium, indoor restrooms, and the drinking fountains.

So, to the Novaks, a heartfelt thank you for your efforts and the outstanding facilities you have brought to our community.

—James R. Wade Sr., Dryden