It must be clear now to even the most zealous Biden supporters that Joe Biden is severely diminished. One does not need to point out the numerous incidents that clearly display this.

I am of the firm opinion that he is incapable of making any complex decisions or engage in complex thinking.

In just two years look at what he has done to our nation. Inflation was slightly over 1% when he took office and now it is over 9%. Gas prices have basically doubled. We were energy independent two years ago and now we beg totalitarian nations to please pump more oil for us. Biden sees climate change as the greatest threat to the nation. Not China, not the open border, not the economy, not inflation, not a nuclear Iran but climate change. So, to combat it he has declared war on the fossil fuel industry in this country. Shut down pipelines, taken public lands out of the pool for exploration, closed coal fired generators, shut down nuclear power plants, restricted refineries and instead seeks to provide the power we need by means of wind and solar power. Yet he begs for more oil from Saudia Arabia which is diametrically opposed to his goal of eliminating fossil fuels.

In two years, he has sunk to the level of Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover and James Buchanan in the race to become the worst president ever. The most disconcerting thing is that we as citizens are suffering for it.

Hopefully the voters will vote with their head and not their heart next time around. When you make decisions based on emotion almost always, they are bad decisions.

—John Lengemann,
Imlay City