Just about every election has something unique that makes it stand out from others and and the August 2022 primary is no different. On both the candidate and proposal sides of the ballot, casual observers will probably notice some themes.

As for candidates, it’s noteworthy to see just how many former county commissioners, along with former department heads, opted to put their names on the ballot. In local races in both Lapeer and St. Clair counties, these candidates either want to return to their former jobs or become one of the representatives they used to answer to. This poses an important question for voters—do they go with varied and extensive experience or those with a fresher perspective?

On the proposal side of the ballot, there’s at least one request in both counties for new funding for critical services that might otherwise be jeopardized if they don’t pass—an EMS millage in St. Clair County and a law enforcement proposal in Lapeer County. Recent developments, including the pandemic, have exacerbated many of the needs these agencies have been dealing with for much longer than two years and that’s contributed to the feeling of urgency their supporters are communicating. Times are tough economically for some and they have questioned the timing of these new requests but there’s likely never a “perfect” time to ask for financial help from voters.

We’ll be watching the returns from August 2 with much interest. As always, we encourage you to exercise your right to vote and have a say in who represents you and how your tax dollars are utilized.