Editor’s note: The following opinion piece was submitted by Andrea Nascivera-Kruse, senior vice president of sales for Priority Waste.

Since the early months of this year, we have been talking about the Imlay Township Board proposed garbage and recycling special assessment which would allow for a single contractor to haul our rubbish and recycling at the curb, weekly garbage service with carts, and twice a month recycling pick up.

My husband and our five boys have been members of the Lapeer County community for many years, and I’m personally invested in the rubbish and recycling business just like my family was before me. I want to help our fellow neighbors understand more about the benefits of supporting the ballot initiative before us on August 2nd.

Currently we have multiple waste haulers operating in the community, each servicing their own customers with varying levels of satisfaction. All are going up and down our roads adding to noise, wear, and tear. Most people recognize that this is an inefficient way to collect our garbage and it does very little to impact recycling in a cost-effective way. It certainly creates an environment of low accountability among the haulers and an increase in safety concerns.

My hope is that we approve the proposal and move to a consolidated single hauler for the following positive reasons.

•Accountability for service and a reduction in missed pickups. Remember with so many subscription service providers missed pickups are far more likely to occur. A single contractor will have much more accountability with the Township Board.

•Safety will be greatly increased with less big truck traffic. Fewer haulers mean fewer opportunities for accidents and less road wear and tear. I know a hauler like my company uses newer trucks and equipment, usually less than three years old. We use the latest 3rd eye camera technology for safely and accountability with our drivers.

•A single hauler will be required to be properly insured and bonded to operate.

•New carts will be provided by the hauler to facilitate garbage pickup at the curb. Recycling pick up every two weeks means no more recycling drop off locations in the community and items are taken away at the curb and processed at a licensed recycling center.

•The contract will allow for hiring locally and excellent training for truck operators to ensure a high level of safely and service.

•Our local schools and residents will receive help in recycling practices as well as community engagement to reduce noise, waste and control disposal costs to the community.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency and a national real estate information center Moving.com, the average person produces 4.4 pounds of garbage a day. For a family of seven like mine, that’s 30 pounds a day, from compost, household waste to the recycling of paper, plastics, metal and glass. The Moving.com folks recommend recycling to reduce costs and as we know there are many in our community who have voiced their concerns to do just that, reduce costs and recycle more.

I can assure you that with my years of experience in the rubbish business that single hauler efficiency is the way to go and will allow for better recycling practices in the community. On August 2nd, please let your voice be heard and vote yes to support the proposed Special Assessment. It will be money well spent.