The Jan. 6 riots and Trump’s “Stop the steal” hearings are a dismal chapter in our history, and surely diminishes the stature of our democracy in the eyes of the world. The damning evidence of Trump’s malfeasance makes it clear he’s not capable of leading America and the free world. Attorney General Merrick Garland knows that to indict a former president of an opposing party would be cataclysmic for our nation. I believe Trump’s innocence or guilt will be decided by the voters—Democrats, Independents and Republicans—who, after watching the hearings will weigh the evidence and facts and decide for themselves.

The GOP will be stuck for years to come litigating the past because of Trump’s conduct and insistence that Republicans echo his lie that the election was stolen. If reelected, I bet, he would pardon all insurrectionists who were convicted for their actions on Jan. 6, just as he pardoned his supporters who were convicted of perjury during the impeachment hearings. With so many Republicans having their lips firmly affixed to the seat of Trump’s trousers, it must be difficult for them to look to the future and guide the party and the country in a positive direction.

The GOP has a half-dozen presidential candidates with integrity, intelligence and innovativeness that could move the country forward and again lead the free world. Would you cripple America with Trump and all his baggage?

Today, in this world, common sense seems to be waning. People in Russia believe the Ukrainians invaded Russia and we have Americans believing the election was stolen. Trump began his first day in office lying about the size of his inaugural crowd and ending his term with the biggest lie of all. Common sense being a rare commodity today recalls an adage told to me by an old horse trainer when I was a young man. You can lead an animal to water, but you can’t make him drink. You can present the facts to people, but you cannot make them think.

—Tom Janicki,