This letter to the editor is in response to a letter in the June 22 edition of the Tri-City Times, titled “Why nobody has come forward.” The writer’s views of Democrats are alarming, misleading, prejudicial, disturbing and absolutely wrong.

To attack people in nursing homes who are old, frail, and trying to rest comfortably in their final days of life, shows that the writer is out of touch with reality and has no compassion for the elderly. I have many friends in nursing homes who are Democrats, Republicans, independents and Communists who are very literate, social and keep up with local and national news. We are the largest block of voters who turn out for elections and we are very concerned about why most Republican politicians are trying to cut or eliminate social security, medicare and a woman’s right to choose. We are just common ordinary folks who deeply care about what is happening to our great country.

We do not believe in Donald Trump and his big lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him. We do watch television including the January 6th hearings that show how Trump and his band of supporters tried to overthrow our great democracy.

I am also concerned about the writer’s attack on some of my friends who served in the military, were wounded and are dependent on the skills that nursing homes provide.

I am a card-carrying liberal Democrat who cares about social justice, women’s rights, the right for women to choose, black people’s rights, LGBTQ rights, the banning of automatic weapons and elder rights. The writer is entitled to his opinion, however, I would suggest you read about Democrats. I am also offering you an opportunity to meet some of my friends who live in a senior living community and maybe you will form a different opinion about us.

As seniors we have paid our dues. Have you?

—Gary Cooley,
North Branch