I want to thank Martha Niemczura, Cindy Potter, the Capac Alumni Association and Holly Meadows for making the 2022 All Class Reunion a great success.

The superintendent gave a speech on current and future activities and plans. He explained that due to present trends, the use of Native American names and depictions is becoming politically incorrect. This is why the school removed the picture of an Indian Chief from its logo and replaced it with a “C” with sun rays surrounding it on school letterhead. This caused a negative response from the alumni and remained a topic of much discussion throughout the event.

He also stated that the old school bell and its rock foundation outside of the former middle school was going to be moved to the current school grounds due to the sale of the building. He said that professional contractors didn’t want to touch it and, instead the district found someone with an excavator and they are going to move it themselves. Some in attendance said they didn’t think the monument should be touched or moved. According to Doug Hunter, Class of 1969 and local historian, the year 1957 was Capac’s 100th anniversary. The citizens decided to build a monument to honor the event on village property. The school donated the old school bell, a time capsule was created and students were asked to bring in rocks to build the monument. Let’s save this precious and historic monument that belongs to the community. The time capsules will be destroyed and the stone structure will implode if moving is attempted.

In closing, let’s reinstate the chief’s head mascot on all school literature, yearbooks, uniforms, banners and gym floors. Native Americans called their leaders chiefs, a term describing them as honorable, respectable leaders. It’s a term we use to identify our leaders—chief of police, fire chief, CEO, CFO, etc.

The use of a spear and the chant, “fear the spear,” seems negative, violent and improper to describe the peaceable Native Americans.

There are three seats open on the school board for any like-minded conservatives. Please vote.

—Mark F. Cromas,
Capac High School Class of 1971,
Imlay City