I don’t have a problem with gun control, as long as I have control of the gun. I do have some ideas: raise the age for gun purchases to 21; limit the ammunition and gun accessories a person can buy per year; bring back the gun permit and three day waiting period; develop a questionnaire on why you need an AR-15; provide a tip line for signs of people talking about shooting and allow police to question the reported person without retribution.

In regards to the Uvalde, Texas school shooting we keep hearing, “there were signs.” What would happen if earlier you saw this shooter online and reported him? You would be told, “This is free speech.” You would be accused of harassment and profiling, which might hurt his feelings. Cancel culture has gone too far. We need to bring back, “If you see something, say something,” without threat of being called a snitch.

The AR-15 is not a military weapon. The AR-15 is not an assault weapon. It is a look alike of a military assault weapon. Although it’s extremely accurate and a good home defense against gangs, it is more of a novelty item. It gives people a feeling of power, even if you never use it. Does a golfer need a new $550 golf club? No, it doesn’t make him a better golfer, he just likes the feel of it in his hands.
There are 20 million AR-15s in this country. If Congress restricts its sale, it will raise its value, and every private owner will see the chance to make easy money. And, the bad guy will still get his AR-15. We have more legal guns in this country than we have people. Did you know, the United States has never fought a foreign war on its own soil? The enemy knows, it wouldn’t stand a chance.

A few days after the Parkland shooting in February 2018, President Trump met with Congress, telling them to raise the purchase age to 21. Nothing happened. We now have a Democratic Congress, and still nothing happened. All of a sudden, they are in shock, and speaking up. Is it because it’s now an election year, and they need to be heard to get your vote? They look so sincere. Where have they been the last four years?

Biden is buying votes by paying off tuition loans. Why not spend that money on proper police equipment? This last school shooting wasn’t about training and knowing what to do. Every person on site, police and parents, knew what to do. They had to get into the school. The parents tried, but were stopped by the police who were afraid to go in themselves. Those officers took an oath to protect. They failed. They should all be fired.

Having an armed resource officer on staff would have helped. I mean a real officer, not a Paul Blart, mall cop. We need ex-military personnel who are not intimidated when facing a gun. Somebody that will run toward the shooting. Shoot first, and ask questions later. Make it known, any intruder in that school, with a gun, will be shot. I’m sure, we have a lot of veterans that could use some extra money.

—Wally Maslowsky,