You can’t think about Almont sports without thinking about Dale Schultz.

Dale was an accomplished athlete in high school, raised three boys who followed in his footsteps, and was at practically every game rooting on the Raiders.

And, he was perhaps best known for keeping stats at football games.

Today’s world is obsessed with stats—grade point averages, weight, salaries, and likes on social media. But Dale achieved the only stats that truly matter.

He married a beautiful, strong, independent wife, Lourdes.

He raised three honest, kind sons—Chris, Kyle, and Keith.

He had eight amazing grandchildren—Kain, Makenzie, Conner, Axel, Makayla, Evie, Rylee and Madison.

He shared pizza with friends and family just about every Friday night.

He was at all of his sons’ games, rain or shine.

He coached baseball and basketball and helped young athletes train in his basement gym.

He helped strengthen the minds and bodies of young athletes and the soul of the community.

He taught us that the only things that matter are trying our best and doing things the right way.

He showed us that manhood can be quiet, calm, and steady…and often decked out in jean shorts, tall socks, and grass-stained New Balances.

Dale lived a life for the record books and gives us all something to strive for. His wife and sons are now racking up some strong stats of their own, and he’s watching from above and cheering them on. Dale was one-of-a-kind, and we’ll all miss him dearly.

—Mitchell Jackson, Lake Orion