When I make a mistake, I admit it, and do all I can to fix it. Especially, if it involves other people. I’m not embarrassed to say I was wrong. People will respect you for it.

Back in November 2020, this country was on top of the world. Highest 401k returns ever, lowest unemployment ever, gas at $2.00 per gallon, groceries shelves full with prices we could afford. But then, Biden and his staff of Democrats strolled into office. They told us they will “Build Back Better.” Wow, how much better can it get? Well, that statement was a complete lie. Everything turned out to be just the opposite. This build back better program is hurting everybody, and I mean everybody. Democrats and Republicans; rich and poor; black, white, and every color in between; entrepreneurs and the homeless; legal and illegals and every profession. Nobody is exempt from this program. Not even Biden himself, who also has to eat, and drive around in a 22,000 pound, gas guzzling vehicle. They just needed to take office, leave things alone, and go on with the daily routine of government. Instead, their relentless despise of Trump made our economy the worst in history. Can’t the Democrats see this? Don’t they buy gas and groceries from the same places we do? Why are they refusing to admit they were wrong and to put back what we had? Are they too proud to admit they made a mistake? I hope everybody reading this will remember them when we vote in November. The Democrats in office would rather let you struggle and lose everything than to admit the Republicans before them did it right. All they need to do is, put back what we had. I will admire them for it.

—Wally Maslowsky,