File of Life resource available to residents


Firefighter Amy Barger teaches visiting preschoolers the importance of dropping to the floor and crawling below smoke in the event of a fire.

DRYDEN — The Dryden Township Fire Department was busy on Monday, May 2, as they welcomed some tiny visitors. Dryden Elementary preschool students and Holy Redeemer preschool students all took turns learning about fire safety from firefighters Jim Napolitano and Amy Barger.

Napolitano and Barger explained and demonstrated what to do in the case of a fire. The 3, 4, and 5-year-old students were all taught about smoke detectors, having an escape plan at home, and how to let firefighters know there are children in the house. Families were provided with “File of Life” magnets to hang on their refrigerators. Napolitano explained that First Responders are able to use the “File of Life” to gather pertinent information about individuals during an emergency, such as current medications and medical conditions.

The special guests all went home dressed as mini firefighters, excited to share about their field trip.

Any Dryden Twp. residents who need assistance installing smoke detectors, would like “File of Life” magnets or wallet versions, or are interested in more information regarding fire safety education can contact the Dryden Fire Department at 810-796-3050.