Did you know that over half of Americans will receive a mental health-related diagnosis during their lifetime? Your mental health refers to your emotional wellness. Mental health can impact the coping skills you use in response to stressors, your relationships with others, and much more! This National Mental Health Month, the Thumb Community Health Partnership (TCHP) is encouraging Thumb residents to prioritize their health and well-being.

Mental health is related to physical health, as improving mental health often benefits physical health and vice versa. A variety of factors can increase someone’s chances of developing a mental illness. The CDC provides some examples:

•substance use

•lack of close social relationships

•long-term physical health problems

•childhood experiences

•genetic or biological factors

For most people, mental health is a spectrum and can be improved by taking actions that support their physical and emotional well-being. Here are some simple and effective ways to take good care of yourself.

•Limit or cut out unnecessary stressors, such as using social media in an unhealthy way.

•Increase your level of physical activity.

•Find a hobby that helps you relax.

•Schedule regular check-ups with your doctor.

•Talk with friends or a professional about issues that make you feel stressed.

For more information about National Mental Health Month, speak with your health professional, visit www.Facebook/ThumbHealth, or contact Kay Balcer, TCHP Director at 989-553-2927.

—Thumb Community Health Partnership