I am writing to inform my fellow Goodland Township residents of the Goodland Township Library millage request coming up on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

The Goodland Township Library has been operating on what finances they can come up with. More than likely, if the millage does not pass, the library will close their doors. The millage request is less than a mill, at 0.9 of a mill.

Under the State of Michigan’s library regulations, if a government unit has to close the doors of their library, they will have join another library district and possibly pay a higher millage for the district they join.

There are many people who do not have computers and do put the ones at the library to good use. Many students who do not have computers in their home, use the computers at the library. The Goodland Township Library also puts on many programs for the public. It has held cooking programs, reading programs for children and, just recently, a magic show that drew more than 50 people.

I used to be the supervisor for Attica Township. At that time, I worked to establish the Attica Township Library. Today you can see a very good library in Attica Township that offers many wonderful programs for the people.

So let’s keep the doors open at the Goodland Township Library and get out to vote for the millage.

Thank you,
—Thomas Lupo,
Goodland Township