After much thought and careful consideration, along with dedicating my entire thirty year teaching career to Imlay City Schools, I have decided to retire at the end of this school year.

Teaching middle school for three decades has been an incredible and unforgettable experience for me and I have absolutely loved it. I have built positive relationships with nearly 4,000 students and their families, which I will forever refer to as “my kids.”

I have worked with several astonishing leaders and well educated and accomplished administrative teams, including our current administration which is led by Dr. Stu Cameron and Dr. Dina Tallis. The staff at Imlay City Schools is made up of an outstanding group of highly qualified, intelligent and exceptionally kind humans that always puts our kids first. I am lucky enough to call some of these teachers my very best friends.

This career has not only provided me with numerous opportunities to learn and grow, but it has molded my character and caused me to become a better person.

I will be forever grateful to Imlay City Schools for taking a chance on a young and eager teacher, on her first job interview as a Central Michigan University graduate.

I leave Imlay City Schools with a full heart and the highest regard for our school board, our administration, our teaching staff and our students, and wish nothing but the best for continued success and growth for our Spartan family.

With extreme love and gratitude,
—Barb Brohl Gates,
Imlay City Middle School teacher