Why does the April 13 letter writer, “Ego won’t let him admit defeat,” have such a preoccupation with former President Trump? Why would anyone waste time and ink on such a fruitless exercise? November 2020 is over. Biden is in office, to many peoples’ dismay. Democrats have both houses of Congress, the White House, and have been handing out money like Halloween candy. Inflation is becoming out of control and the world is in a frenzy over Putin and Russia. Does anybody know any other troubles?

I seem to recall that Hillary said, “What difference does it make?’ when U.S Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in Libya with several Marine guards. When questioned about information on her private email service, she thought it wasn’t important and deleted it. Remember the comment “the deplorables,” uneducated males like us, at least not as smart as Hillary? Consider the fake Steele Dossier and federal investigations of Trump on false, Hillary- supplied evidence. Where do I stop?

When anyone in his right mind can say “I want to trust Hillary,” is that person’s writing worthy of any credibility? You make up your own mind.

—David Naeyaert,