Former President Trump held a rally in Macomb County last week. He is still singing his tired, sad and worn-out song he has been singing since before the election— “His election was stolen from him”— the biggest lie of his presidency. To perpetuate his big lie, he sent posses of lawyers to key states where they filed 60 lawsuits to stop the vote certifications. Sixty judges ruled their claims were without merit and threw the challenges out of court. Some of these judges were appointed by Donald himself. He does have the knack of picking honest judges! Some of those lawyers are in court today for filing false claims and may lose their licenses to practice law.

The manufacturer of our voting machines is suing Trump and friends for alleging the machines were rigged. Watching a talk show sometime back, it was stated that the GOP was still funding Trump’s legal expenses. I find that hard to believe. Why aren’t some of the hundreds of new billionaires Trump’s 2017 tax cuts created ponying up millions to pay for his lawyers?

Trump was here stumping for a couple of candidates who he hopes, if elected, would help ensure he wins Michigan in the next election. I believe the only reason he won Michigan in 2016 was legalizing marijuana was on the ballot and all the potheads came out of their basements and got off their couches and went to the polls. That election had one of the highest turnouts on record. Disappointingly for Trump, all the pot heads missed the 2020 election. They were all home enjoying their legalized euphoria.

Trump allies have launched campaigns in swing states to replace principled officials with less than principled Trump allies; from the lowest county volunteer up to top state election officials. Trump-linked newcomers are filling positions vacated by veteran election officials from both parties who are walking away after being inundated with threats and harassment. Who is paying for these campaigns of intimidation and harassment— Trump, the GOP or Trump’s friends, the American oligarchs?

Since the 2016 election my respect for Hilary Clinton has grown. After winning the popular vote, she lost the race. She put on her big girl pants, conceded and moved on with her life. What did Trump do after losing the election—an election certified by Republican and Democratic election officials? He fabricated the biggest lie of his life, because his ego won’t let him acknowledge his defeat. So, so sad.

It’s ironic the 2020 election was conducted with honesty and integrity and verified by recount after recount and certified by officials from both parties. It may well be the last honest election our ailing democracy will ever see again. Are America’s best days behind us?

—Tom Janicki,