I’m sure by now, every adult in this country is feeling the wrath of Joe Biden. I keep hearing, “Build Back Better.” It was better, now it’s not. Last Monday Biden said “We’re making real headway cleaning up the fiscal mess I inherited.” And a few days ago he blamed Putin after months of blaming COVID for this economy. Did he forget? Immediately after inauguration, Democrats stood behind Biden as he signed dozens of executive orders, saying, “I’m not making new law, I’m eliminating bad policy.” He overturned almost all of Trump’s executive orders.

Those Democrats are all millionaires, living in gated communities. How many of them have actually been to the gas pump or grocery store to experience reality? Also, are the president or any of his staff driving electric vehicles? The answer is no, but they expect us to.

My father worked on the assembly line, where his union told him who to vote for. A friend of mine was a teacher, and his union also told him who to vote for. The unions are big supporters of the Democratic Party and worked very hard to get Biden elected. However, once in office, Biden turned his back on them. He deceived all those voters. The union, under Biden, can no longer protect its workers. No more favoritism. Rich and poor, all nationalities, are suffering from high inflation and fuel costs. Nobody is excluded.

I didn’t have a problem with Clinton or Obama. I didn’t agree with them, but knew they wouldn’t destroy this country. However, Biden has gone far beyond what any American should think is right, costing us thousands.

Who are the 34 percent that still support him? I can only imagine they are the ones still living in their parents’ basement, non-working, paying no bills, watching MTV, waiting for their next handout and still asking for more. They feel it is owed to them— free college, paid off school loans, free medical and free internet. They support defunding the police, high crime without punishment and endorsing “just walk across the border immigration.”

How can anybody think this is good? If you are a proud Democrat supporting Biden please tell me why you think Biden has done better than what we had before he took office.

—Wally Maslowsky,