“We forgot our ‘forever looking lists’ didn’t we,” I mumbled to my fellow Gadabouts.

“I threw mine away, chirped Giselle. “It was getting too long.”

“I pretty much completed mine,” said Francheska.

“Well I left mine at home, and its probably a good thing, since I always seem to buy stuff only to give it to the kids.”

A forever list is a list of stuff you hope to someday find at a really good price, when you least expect it. It’s like a blouse to exactly match the plaid shorts you have that nothing seems to go with or a pair of socks the exact color of beige that your new slacks are.

We got to Frankenmuth in good time, found a parking place right outside the entrance to the indoor mall, and high tailed it in. The sun was shining but it was a brisk wind.

A really good smell was coming right at us. Yep, we’re going in there. Lots of candles, air fresheners, car fresheners and all kinds of stuff. We each left about $15 lighter, but boy were our cars and houses going to smell great.

Next was a store with dragons, flags, signs of all kinds, collars (spiked) for humans—not us of course. The signs were quite the conversation starters, some for more private conversations, we thought. We wandered through several stores boasting clothes of all kinds. Some things we thought we would never wear, some our husbands would like us to wear, and some that were better left on the hangers. Nothing in there followed us out the door, although we did ponder on the sleeveless sweat shirts. If you wore a sweat shirt to keep you warm, why then would you cut the arms off?

We did look in the window of a shoe store and noticed that the heels would probably enable you to reach heights you never thought you could, or as Giselle said, you would do a lot of “sittin’ around in them babies.”

So here came a store we thought we would have never seen anyplace—a huge store with nothing but socks for men, women, kids…floor to ceiling and wall to wall. “Great,” said Francheska, “I need a navy pair and a beige pair.”

So we all started looking. We found navy and beige, however, they were not what Francheska wanted. The socks had every holiday covered, every dog covered, every college covered, every brand of car, truck, tractor, flower and flag all covered. In a store of 300,000 pair of socks, not one pair was a solid color…can you believe it! But we know where to go should the occasion arise and we need a distinct pair of socks.

“Oh, look!” exclaimed Giselle, “Candy, tea, knickknacks, chocolate….now this is our kind of store. I’m buying something here for sure.”

There was all kinds of candy—old fashioned hard candies in drums, licorice in red, black and even green and peach. Francheska and I love black licorice so we both got a big bunch.

“I think we have covered the whole mall,” said Giselle, “and I’m getting tired.”

I agreed and Francheska seconded the motion to head for home. We all agreed it was a great day.

Once in the car Francheska decided we needed to take the back way out.

“There is a great antique strip mall up here,” she pointed out. We checked it out and agreed it looked very interesting.

On the way home we saw many different barns and commented on how big and old they were, and still standing.

“It just makes you want to jump on your horse and go wandering, doesn’t it?” I said aloud.

Once again we were left with so much to do and see with so little time.

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