The Florida legislature has passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and sent it to Governor DeSantis’ desk for signing. The bill will restrict discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity issues in primary schools,’ grades kindergarten through three. I have to ask you, how many children in that age group are wondering about their sexuality?

Human Rights Watch believe these restrictions harm LGBTQ youths in U.S. schools. If I had a child in any of those grades, I would not appreciate a teacher questioning them about their sexuality. I would rather a teacher help a child develop their self-reliance, self-esteem, self-discipline, respect for others and the pit-falls of the drug culture. Let those kids be kids before they grow up. You’re young for such a short time and old for such a long time.

Last December, while in a deer hunting blind with my 7-year-old great-grandson, I was surprised by concerns he raised related to current events. He said, “Pa-Pa Tom, I don’t want a COVID vaccine shot because they put razor blades in it.” He also asked why President Biden was killing babies. At that point in the conversation a nice six-point buck stepped into a shooting lane and I told him to take it. A single 90-yard shot dropped the buck in his tracks. As we walked up to the buck, he said “Pa-Pa Tom, I’m proud of myself.” I thought to myself—a life lesson learned.

It’s a shame kids today can’t grow up like kids used too. How much of the fake news, the lies and the counter culture that they are exposed to today will they grow up believing? When I was his age, my main concern was running out of BBs for my Red Rider BB gun and my next report card.

Governor DeSantis and the legislature are taking a lot of heat from the Human Rights Watch and other fringe groups over the “Don’t Say Gay” bill but he intends to sign the bill. The governor is considering a run for the presidency in 2024. During his presidency Donald Trump has spoken highly of Governor DeSantis. The people of Florida and its economy have done well with Governor DeSantis at the helm. I wish him luck.

—Tom Janicki,