Internet provider ordered to remove equipment



Air Advantage, an internet provider, will be required to remove their equipment from the tower before it can be sandblasted and repainted.

CAPAC — The village is forging ahead with plans to paint and repair their water tower this summer.

At their March 21 meeting, members voted to award the $329,000 bid for the work to E&L Contractors of Howell. It was the lowest of five bids submitted and under the estimated $400,000 cost. The work will include covering the tower and sandblasting it before it’s repainted. Last month the council chose to have the tower painted white with “Capac” and a spear from the school district’s logo, to be added in blue.

The project also has the potential to disrupt internet service for some local customers. Air Advantage, who has a contract to place their equipment on the water tower, told Manager Travis Youatt they aren’t interested in temporarily moving their antenna to a different location while the painting is being done and, as a result, Youatt sent a letter to the company indicating that the village wishes to terminate their agreement with them.

Youatt said the move was necessary after contractors stated they would not work on the tower unless all equipment is removed.

Air Advantage has about 80 customers in the Capac area and Youatt said he’s attempted to help the company find a new location for their equipment, noting that there’s a tower in Mussey Township that could be an option, but the company hadn’t taken any action yet. The company has 135 days from the issue of the letter to make arrangements. As part of the contract, the company’s antenna cannot hinder any kind of water tower maintenance.

Youatt stressed that the village is willing to work with Air Advantage but if the agreement is terminated and the company finds a new location, the village will seek bids for a new service provider to utilize the tower.

Currently the Air Advantage contract nets the village up to $8,000 per year.