I would like to reply to the March 9 letter to the editor, “Big lie has no current validity.”

First off, as the former President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump is one who always had and still does show the greatest care and concern for all its citizens of the United States, its economy, farmers, jobs and even the unborn. He stands for truth and justice. Go ahead and ask a veteran. He is an American and when he ran for re-election, things were not done in protocol. Real Trump supporters know the truth. They do not cause problems nor wallow in places they should not be. They are God-loving, God-fearing, American flag flying John Waynes. They are simply people, who, if they are honest Trump Supporters, love America and come together in peace having no malice in them.

America is in deep trouble without Trump now. Gas prices, border troubles, the problems in Ukraine and more. Trump knew and still knows how to run a country. God help America. Pray much fellow Americans. It is the season of Lent. Beg God for mercy and truth to prevail and all big lies to cease. Whisper an Our Father daily.

—Theresa Orlowski,
Goodland Township