I would like to respond to the March 9 “Solar critics dismiss owner rights” letter to the editor in the Tri-City Times.

As a long time resident of Goodland Township, I wish to mention the following: the farms and open lands, waters that flow here, the crops and hardworking farmers, the wildlife and the freedoms under God. They are all a sight of grandeur.

However, picturing fields scattered with black solar panels will not profit the land itself, but the land owner. The electromagnetic waves flowing from the solar batteries, disruption of the soils and local habitats are a concern. Then I ask, why here in Michigan? The sun shines less in Michigan then in sunny California. Also if Michigan, why not go to the cities of Detroit or Flint or Lansing itself to supply the energies they need more of to help people in general.

If property and houses will be hurt and sell lower because some wish to have the solar parks on their land, somehow that doesn’t sound much like a good neighbor policy.

I do realize it is a somewhat paying industry for the people wanting it on their land but are we willing to pay the price of losing farms, animals and just good, clean open lands to be set up as lines and lines of solar panels? Indeed there are big things to think about.

—Theresa Orlowski,
Goodland Township