The Imlay City Varsity Competitive Cheerleading team for 2021-2022 had started off with 12 girls. But for their last five competitions of the season, they were left with four girls. One of the four girls was then injured, leaving the team with three girls remaining. It is difficult to compete and cover the necessities on the score sheet with just three team members on the mat. Having so many girls quit does not normally happen and is very rare to occur for any school. With that being said, the last three girls kept going and did not give up even though they knew that penalties received would take them out of the placings at competitions. Because of their perseverance they impacted other teams in a positive way and impressed officials for not quitting.

On Friday, February 18, they had their seasonal districts. At districts they scored the highest they have all season with a raw score of 667.30.

Too many kids nowadays think that quitting is the best option when it gets tough or too hard but the remaining girls on the Imlay City Varsity Competitive Cheer team have shown differently.


—Lisa Glenn,
Imlay City Varsity Competitive Cheer team coach