It all started in the early fall when my friend Giselle (not her real name) suggested we go to lunch or breakfast once a week, since it was getting colder with no garden to care for and would probably be boring just dusting, bill paying, getting groceries, washing clothes, planning meals, babysitting grandkids, and running errands. I wholeheartedly agreed with that sentiment, so we went out for coffee to discuss it further.

It occurred to us our other neighbor had recently retired and maybe she would like to join us. So Giselle asked Francheska (not her real name) if she would be interested.

“Darn right, I would be,” said Francheska. I’m tired of dusting, cooking, washing dishes, feeding the dog, and my husband has me running errands to the end of the earth and back sometimes.”
So there it was, freedom and company of a like nature and mind—fun, slow and easy adventure plus breakfast or lunch. When we announced to our significant others what our plans were they too thought it was a good idea. It would get us out of the house and we would come back refreshed and ready to resume life as we knew it.

We decided to take turns driving, and the driver got to choose where we were going. This was going to be great fun I could tell already.

Since it was Giselle’s idea she picked us up and we headed toward town. We arrived at her chosen eatery about 11:45 a.m. There were quite a few people there but we we got a table and began looking at the menu and making suggestions to one another. At about noon we ordered.

Since we had not been together for awhile the subjects were many and varied. It was most enjoyable. Once finished, I looked at my watch and saw that it was 2:30. Wow! How time flies when you’re having fun. We decided that perhaps we should leave a little earlier the next time.

After Giselle dropped me off, I remembered some things I wish I had brought up about places I would like to go for a meal, so I called her to mention what I had forgotten to ask. When my husband came into the room he asked me who I was talking to.

“ Giselle,” I replied.

“You just spent almost three hours with her. Don’t tell me there was something you forgot to ask her? What did you three women talk about for three hours? Maybe you should leave earlier so you have four hours to spend on breakfast at lunch time.”

Little did he know that was exactly what we planned to do!

I believe this is where the old adage comes into play, “So much to do, so little time”…until next week.

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