To landowners in Lapeer County and surrounding area, here are some questions you need to ask in regards to DTE Energy’s exploration of underground carbon sequestration options.

How many acres does DTE want to lease?

How many wells will be drilled?

How far apart will the wells be?

How far will the carbon travel to reach total saturation?

How will the other pollutants be separated from the carbon? Will they be injected into the ground?

What about mineral rights?

What about property values?

What can you do to your land once you sign the lease? Can you sell the land or build on it?

Who is liable after the lease runs out?

Before you sign a lease, ask yourself if you want to take part in polluting the land you live on. This pollution will be there forever.

Please ask a lot of questions and voice your opinions to your politicians.

—Edwin Faust,
Mayfield Township