Carbon sequestration could be in the the Tri-City area’s future. DTE Energy confirmed last week that the company has started to explore the possibility of pumping carbon dioxide into underground reservoirs in Lapeer County and the surrounding area. Undoubtedly residents will start to wonder what positive and negatives could come from such as development.

Capturing carbon before it goes into the atmosphere means harmful emissions will be reduced which leads to a cleaner environment. The company also stresses that carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is one of many ways our country can maintain energy independence and as a state, realize a more sustainable future. They stress that the process of storing carbon underground has been proven to be safe and is constantly monitored.

Environmental advocates say that CCS is sometimes the best way to neutralize the carbon emitted from essential processes but there are many aspects, particularly the building of pipelines to tranport the carbon, that need to be closely monitored so as to protect clean water and other natural resources.

Some also say that these kinds of projects shouldn’t be stand ins for accelerating renewable energy use and a continued push for energy efficiencies.

Pair this latest news with the proposed solar development that could come to Goodland Township, and it appears that this area could be destined for a future in “green energy” that’s not centered in manufacturing but in what’s above and below ground.