In the January 26 letter to the editor, “Insurgents have laid groundwork,” the writer repeated the fading “Trump insurrection” scenario. The song though is getting old in light of the rebellion of Inauguration Day 2017 with anti-Trump protests that resulted in fights with police, police injuries, property destruction, robbery, wanton vandalism and more. Keep in mind all those arrested were released without charges.

Lest we forget riots in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death, outright theft in upscale Chicago business districts, setting up in Portland a multi-block “independent state” by Antifa and other minor riots. What kind of federal Congressional investigation has resulted?

Inauguration Day 2021 was nothing to be proud of. Our nation’s laws promise prompt justice and that has not happened for the accused. If they are guilty let them face justice.

It all comes back to Democrats in power. They rule and rule they do just like kings making law fit where they want. Democrats seek to belittle Trump since he is a threat to power, and power is their goal. In Virginia last fall their arrogance gave a Republican governor.

I get bored by writers, who in error, call this nation a “democracy.” It was set up as a republic democracy. A democracy can be two lions trying to decide what to do with a lamb in front of them. Give that some thought when one calls this nation a “democracy.”

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. That goes for political parties too.

—David Naeyaert,