January 22 is the 49th anniversary of the U..S Supreme Court in Roe V. Wade allowing abortion on demand in this nation. The 7-2 decision gave complete unabated abortion rights, but also opened a wound in this nation that continues to bleed both physically and symbolically causing division and derision ever since. Since 1973, 63,450 plus abortions have been performed.

Abortion is a moral wrong but has been twisted and misplaced into a political issue. Our President Joe Biden has gone all-in for abortion rights. Gov. Whitmer has vetoed anything that has a tinge of being pro-life. Attorney General Dana Nessel has stated she will abdicate her job by refusing to enforce Michigan’s 1846 and 1931 laws prohibiting abortion if the Supreme Court rules against abortion.

Abortion seems to be a catalyst in disunity of America. Until abortion is ended, America will never unite but there is a light of hope in pro-life causes, though.

The current U.S. Supreme Court has a conservative majority and an opportunity to void the 1973 decision, and hand the matter over to states. Michigan’s 1846 law bans abortions and a 1931 law makes it a felony to perform an abortion. May this come to pass.

When I requested distribution of pro-life materials at a church recently the minister said, “Don’t waste your time. Your message isn’t wanted.” Christianity should be pro-life, but as I have found many denominations have their own take on right to life, sadly. I might ask “Where are you? Do you care? If you care, do you pray every day for an end of abortion?”

Contrary to prevailing thought one can make a difference. There is the story of a beach comber who tossed a washed ashore starfish into the sea. A passerby said, “With thousands of starfish washed ashore, what difference does one make?” In reply the beach comber said, “It made a difference to that one, didn’t it?”

—David Naeyaert,