Lockdowns, mandates, masks, vaccine cards. All are a form of governmental control and severe restrictions on liberty. Every new COVID variant brings forth a rash of public statements by CDC officials, Dr. Fauci, the President, state governors and media talking heads. All proclaim how much more dangerous the situation now is and how the citizens must further restrict or restrain their behavior for the common good.

You can have family over to your home for Christmas but it would be best if you only allowed those who have been vaccinated and had the booster we were told. You can’t enter a bar in New York City without showing a vaccine pass. You must wear a mask in an airport and on the plane. To keep your job you must show proof of vaccination or take weekly tests.

And, for the most part, the citizens seem to be saying “Oh well, the government knows best” and go along.

We have become “sheeple.” The behavior of sheep evidenced in humans. The danger is that the past two years are a perfect example of “not letting a good crisis go to waste.” It is dangerous days we live in because we are being “groomed” by those who want a state run society to accept without protest more and more control over our lives by government bureaucrats until such time as we have little or no liberty remaining.

Citizens need to awaken to the very serious threat to our way of life and our republic that is occurring. If we don’t we will suddenly learn that we have no freedom remaining. It will be a totalitarian form of government and we will have brought it on ourselves by our being so willingly blind and succumbing to the desire to be “safe” and thus giving up freedom. When you sacrifice freedom for safety you will soon learn you have neither. But by then it will be too late to do anything about it.

—John L. Lengemann,
Imlay City